Kings Lock Tearooms

History of the canal

The construction of the "Leicester Line" branch of the now "Grand Union Canal" was authorised by an Act of Parliament on 30th April 1793.

Surveying and construction work started swiftly and the canal section linking Leicester to Blaby was open for barge traffic by October 1794.

History of the cottage

The construction of Kings Lock Cottage began c1795/6. The original building was a small, simple two up two down dwelling. 

It served as a lock keeper's cottage until as recently as 1972.

The Lock Keepers

At least nine lock keepers and their families lived at the cottage over the almost 200 years it was used for this purpose.

The longest serving of whom was Mr George King from 1852-1892. In recognition of his long service, Lock no38 directly outside the cottage was named after him.

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